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“ A green  lung in a densely  urban area.” Sir Gerald Kaufman MP 1930 - 2017

The big lottery ‘Awards for All’ for a £9,988 grant to refurbish the reservoir path.

An application was made to the Community Assets and Services grant programme for a Pre-feasibility Study of Gorton House at £9,250. The money was spent on a Dilapidation Report (£2,.500), Organisational Health Check (£2,000), Business Plan (£2,000), Governance and Assets Workshop (£1750) and Finance Training (£1,000).

A Cash Grant application to Manchester City Council for the replacement of the tennis court fencing at £9,220. The Community Development Fund (CDF) for two grants, one to refurbish the toilets and provide lecterns at £1,950 and a second to provide two lawn mowers at £2,708. A further Cash Grant for lecterns at £630 has also been approved.

The Social Investment Business (SIB) awarded a Pre-Feasibility Grant of £9,500 for preparatory work to the Gorton House projects which included a survey of the house and a Dilapidation Report.             



The main source of funds for the Friends is through grants that have been applied for. Over the past year they were successful in applying for a number of grants: