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Exciting Future Plans...

Biodiversity and The Debdale Nature Centre:

For the last few years, Gorton Horticultural Society have been working with the Greater Manchester Local Records Centre (GMLRC) and Matt Holker from the 'From Grey to Green' project team.  GMLRC's remit was to raise awareness of biodiversity in Greater Manchester and to encourage and train local people to identify and record wildlife.  Together they held a number of community events on the Gorton Reservoir Allotment Site, managed by GHS, exploring the different forms of wildlife, and building habitats to encourage ecosystem development. 

Now that these sessions have ended, GHS have invested in a small amount of equipment to facilitate future wildlife identification events on-site. This includes Trailcams, a Bat DetectorDigital Microscopes (used with a computer to magnify specimens to aid in identification) and a new 'Bird-Box TV' (A 4-camera system constantly recording the inside of 4 of the bird-boxes outside their Trading Shed, with a monitoring screen inside).

The Future:

Due to a new and exciting partnership between The Gorton Heritage Trail, The Friends of Debdale Park and Gorton Horticultural Society, we soon hope to establish The Debdale Nature Centre on the GHS site - an educational community resource, building on the previous work in the area, merged with modern technology allowing us to monitor and record wildlife activity.  We will be developing a programme of nature-based learning days, exploring the diverse variety of animals, birds, insects and plants that surround us, on the allotment site, and in the green corridor stretching from the Audenshaw Reservoirs through to the Gore Brook Valley Conservation Area


Ambitious, but realistic plans are that we will install several hi-tech monitoring stations throughout the area, ideally placed to enable us to watch live footage and record wildlife activity, day and night, in the Centre.  By developing further partnerships with other local organisations and groups, and applying for project funding, this scheme will build in manageable stages, adding further value to the educational experience and potential that surrounds us in the rural oasis we help to maintain, within our urban inner-city location.

Please check back here regularly to keep up to date with our progress.

You can also see examples of some trailcam footage on the GHS website here. (see their 'Wildlife' page)