Colouring Pages Set 2 - Trail Residents:

Please click on the pictures to download a full-sized version to print out and colour. 

  The Frog: 

The Common Frog has a smooth moist skin
of variable colour that can vary from yellow and 
brown to grey and green but always has dark cross-bars 
on its limbs with a dark patch behind its eyes.
Unlike the toad it moves by leaping and hopping.

 The Fox: 

Once a country dweller the fox has now moved into
 built up areas and can sometimes be seen at night
prowling the streets. It tends to sleep by day, hiding away in
secluded spots and undergrowth. It leads a solitary
life for most of the year feeding on rats and mice and
now household scraps.
   The Hedgehog:
Can sometimes be spotted in gardens at dawn
and dusk but prefers wooded areas. It curls up into a
ball at the first sign of danger so its strong spiny coat can
protect it. The spines are modified hairs and have
yellowy tips. It hibernates in winter but in April
starts looking for its favourite food of insects,
worms and slugs.
 The Newt: 

The lizard-like Common Newt has a smooth soft yellow-olive
skin which is spotted on the underside. It spends
most of its time hiding under rocks and stones,
doesn’t bask in the sun and
unlike some lizards it only moves slowly. In spring
lays its eggs in water so is never far from this and
catches insects, slugs and worms with its sticky
tongue: it even eats other newts.
   The Rat: 

This is the big, tough Brown Rat. An elusive animal
that is never more than a few metres away from us and
there are probably as many in the area as there are
people. It lives in quiet undisturbed spots, can burrow
and swim. It eats almost anything and loves rubbish
but rarely lives longer than eighteen months
The Squirrel: 

This is the Grey Squirrel which is a common
sight along the Trail where it likes to stay high in the
treetops. It has a grizzly yellowy-brown fur which
becomes more silvery in winter with a bushy tail but
unlike the Red Squirrel has no ear-tufts. It does not
hibernate in winter and is always on the look-out for
nuts and seeds