September 2018:

The Gorton Heritage Trail Committee and some extra helpers made a start on clearing the Butterfly Garden this month.  The weather was much better than expected which helped to make it an enjoyable occasion. Afterwards the landlord at the Vale Cottage very kindly provided free refreshments.

We managed to make a decent start clearing the cobbled path and the central paved area. Though much remains to be done we can now access the rear garden area and hopefully over time restore this with new plants.


January 2017:

The Debdale Nature Centre is developing nicely.  We have purchased a number of cameras, video recording devices and network equipment with around £1,200 made available by The Friends of Debdale Park, and are currently undergoing experiments involving selecting the best places to film wildlife, finding suitable locations for new camera bird boxes, creating small mammal boxes fitted with cameras, and attempting to send video signals over long-distance (so we can watch and record video feeds at the Centre from a distance away eg The Trail, Reservoir and Debdale Park)

Here are some of the video clips we have recorded during the test-runs of some of the equipment:

Bird Box Camera:

Small Mammal Box Camera:

Fox-Feeding Station:

We hope you enjoy this small selection of videos.  Many more will follow as our experiments continue.  Watch out for details of Wildlife Day Events at Gorton Reservoir Allotment Site, when the Nature Centre will be open and you will get a chance to watch the LIVE video feeds from various locations around the Debdale Conservation Area


March 2016: 

We are currently installing new way-marker posts along the trail route.