Butterfly Garden

Why we need a Butterfly Garden:

Butterflies are under threat. Like so many animals these delightful creatures cannot compete with human activity.

In the last 20 year butterfly numbers in town and cities have fallen by 69%. This is compared to a decline of 45% in the country. For some species the decline has been much higher.

The loss of lawns and plants in front gardens as they are paved over for parking has contributed to this dramatic decline in cities. Between 2005 and 2015 the number of front gardens paved over tripled from 1.5 million to 4.5 million. A lot of gardens!

But this is only one small part of the way human activity affects animal life. More important is the effect of our activity on the climate. Towns and cities are slightly warmer than the surrounding countryside as solar radiation is absorbed by concrete and asphalt. This causes the ‘urban heat island’ effect.

As a result caterpillars can be tricked into hibernating too late or emerging too early, before their food sources in flowers are available. Sudden extremes of weather also trick animals and plants into behaving in ways that are self-destructive.

The whole of nature is a very finely balanced web of interdependence, or eco-system. Once this is disturbed the whole structure begins to fall to pieces – like dropping a jigsaw on the floor. This is what is now happening to our planet as whole. As this happens it is not just butterflies that struggle to survive. Soon it will be us!

The national Butterfly Conservation society thinks that the government should make the state of urban butterflies one of its official measures of weather wildlife is improving or declining.

Because of this the environment secretary, Andrea Leadson, is preparing to publish a 25 year environment plan and has said:” It is my ambition and it’s my department’s vision to be the first generation to leave our environment better than we found it since the Industrial Revolution.”

That’s why we need this Butterfly Garden and nature trail.

The New Butterfly Garden Lectern Design:

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Butterfly Garden 
 Colouring Sheet
(Meadow Brown & Orange Tip)
Colouring Sheet
(Red Admiral & Peacock)