Gorton House

Built by Robert Grimshaw in the 1790s. He was the first person to try and introduce mechanised weaving looms, but Luddites burned down his factory, and he went bankrupt. A hat-making factory and some workers’ cottages were built behind the house and over the next xx years a number of different families lived there. For some years it was used to house a girls’ boarding school, then one for boys, and then a successful engineering company. In 18   the Manchester City Council bought the house and surrounding land in case it was necessary to extend the reservoirs. It was rented to tenants, and later housed the Park Keeper and his Deputy, before being used as offices. The building has stood empty for many years and, although it has been listed by English Heritage, it is now in a dangerous condition.

An excerpt of an OS Map form 1833, Before Debdale Park, but showing Gorton House:
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